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                           ELITE-CHI KENNELS thoughts about selling puppies:

#1)  We make puppies to Keep, not to SELL. We plan a breeding in order to get something for ELITE-CHI KENNELS TO SHOW! But realistically we can not keep them all so people looking for a puppy get show quality dogs.
That's why our puppies are sometimes older than most breeders because we are not in a hurry to sell a puppy that might turn out to be a Champion someday and we feel it is important not to just push young dogs out the door.

#2)  We believe that a reasonable fair price tag on a puppy usually draws a different sort of puppy owner.  A more discriminating buyer. We want our puppies to go to homes where there will not be a price tag on whether they live or die at the vets if an accident or illness happens and that require care will be provided. Chinese Crested's do require regular grooming. That is the only way to insure their health and comfort and therefore their happiness.

#3)  We place our puppies to be part of the family. We want them to live in the house and sleep on the beds with their owners. Therefore, we DO NOT sell puppies with breeding rights. All of our puppies must be neutered or spayed before you receive AKC registration papers. We do not sell to unapproved show homes. We occasionally investigate potential homes now if there is a question as to how the puppy will be housed. We have been disappointed in the past about people who have inquired about our dogs. So please understand the reasoning behind our policies.

#4)  If there is ever a reason why a new owner can't keep their puppy we want to reserve first rights to take the puppy back and find it a good home. We do not want our puppies to ever end up in a shelter. We brought them in to this world and we take full responsibility to make sure they are happy, and well
taken care of  in this world. Please feel free to contact us if there is ever a problem. We just want what's best for our dogs.


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