These are our girls (past and present) we are proud to have at Elite-Chi Kennels

CH. Crest Vue's Kiss This


AKA Chrissy


Chrissy has surpassed my wildest expectations. She finished in only nine show and out of the 6-9 month puppy classes. Her first time out was at the Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Specialty Show where she took winners bitch for a 5 point Major. Truly a superstar.  Handled by Sharon M. Siwek and her breeder Karen Fisher.

CH. Edelweiss the Right Stuff

AKA Houston


Houston is my girl. She is eager to please. Houston has finished her championship and is my pride and joy. Houston is owned and handled by Sharon.

CH. Edelweiss Girls Night Out

AKA Angela


Angela has kicked it into high gear finishing her championship with back to back 3 and 4 point Majors. Angela was handled by Sharon 
MLNEM'S Skip-N-Go Naked

AKA Skip


Skip is now retired from showing and breeding. Skip already has three champion kids and  Shae is well on her way to her championship. She is already spayed and living in CA.

CH. ELITE-CHI'S Bare To Be Different
  AKA Judy  
 Judy finished her championship in style going best of breed over specials for a major win. Judy than went on the groups and took a group 3. Judy was finished from the bred by class. Judy is bred,    owned and handled by Sharon. Judy is Skip's daughter. Judy is spayed and has now found a loving family where she is the center of attention.
CH. ELITE-CHI'S Ginger and Spice MOA
  AKA Ginger  
Ginger finished her championship January of 2005.  Handled by Sharon  & Bryan Martin.   Ginger has since retires and found a wonderful home.         
CH. ELITE-CHI'S Dressed to Perfection
  AKA Reba  
Reba Finished her championship with back to back 4 point majors going breed over specials all from the puppy classes. Not bad for a puppy and all before she was a year old. Reba is bred, owned and handled by Sharon  I see big things in Reba's future.
CH. ELITE-CHI'S Because I'm Worth It
  AKA Clare  
Clare's  first major was by taking Breed over specials  from the bred by class. Clare finished her championship with a 4 point major just like her brother and sister.  Clare is owned, co-bred and handled by Sharon
CH. ELITE-CHI'S Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Beautiful
  AKA Lorna  
Lorna is a truly beautiful powder puff with awesome movement.  She got her first major from the puppy class by going breed over specials.  She finished her championship with a 4 point major. The same day her brother Bosley finished his championship with a 4 point major. Like brother and sister. Lorna is owned by Sharon   Co-Bred by Sharon.
CH. ELITE-CHI Let's Get Naked
AKA Bria
Bria started her show career and never looked back.   She got her first major from the  puppy class.  Bria is now a champion. She finished from the puppy class before her first birthday. Bria is handled by Sharon                
ELITE-CHI Bare Naked Lady
AKA Shae
Shae has just started her show career and already almost halfway there.  (Bria and Shae are littermates)      Shae is now living with her daughter with my good friends Brenda and Dave. They has spoiled both of them. The girls are a big hit at Brenda shop (amazing alteration)      
CH. ELITE-CHI Think before you Pink
AKA Millie
Millie has just started her show career and has already went BOB over specials. Millie just took back to back 4 point majors wins. Millie finished her champion is style and all  from the puppy class. She is a beautiful puff with plenty of style and great structure. 
ELITE-CHI Nothin But A Heart Breaker
AKA Ella
Ella has just made her debut and has 2 points. 
ELITE-CHI Shear Excitement
AKA Miranda
Miranda is now being shown and has a few points. Miranda takes winner bitch for a 4 point major. She only need one more major to finish her championship.
CH. ELITE-CHI Do U Think I'm Sexy
AKA June
June has just made her debut and won both days. Wow Her third show was a 5 point major by taking winners bitch. June has since went BOB over specials for a 4 point major. June is now a champion just like her bother Cash. June was shown and finished from the bred-by class. June is bred, owned and handled by Sharon
ELITE-CHI Dance N in the Dark
AKA Sparkle
ELITE-CHI Million Dollar Baby
AKA Brandy
  pictures coming soon  
ELITE-CHI Look Better Naked
AKA Penny
  pictures coming soon  
ELITE-CHI Naked Truth
AKA Pickles
  pictures coming soon  
ELITE-CHI Kiss My Attitude
AKA Pipper
  pictures coming soon  
ELITE-CHI Meaning of Love
  pictures coming soon  
CH. Edelweiss Heart of Asia ELITE-CHI
AKA Opal
Opal Finished her championship with 3 major wins. Opal was handled by Sharon. Opal is available to a loving, forever pet home.

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