Top 10 reasons to adopt an older dog:

1. What you see is what you get

     Older dogs are open book from the start, you'll know important things like thier full grown size, personality and grooming requirements. All this information makes it easier to pick the right dog and forge an instant love connection that will last a lifetime.

2. Easy to train

     Think you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Hogwash!!!! Older dogs are great are focusing on you and the task at hand, because they are calmer then youngsters. Plus all those years of experience reading humans can help the quickly figure out how to please their new owners.

3. Seniors are SUPER-LOVING

     Older dogs are devoted and grateful to their new owners. They are happy to go with you where ever you go or just sit with you on a couch. They don't need much to be happy.

4. They are NOT a 24-7 job

     Grown-up dogs don't require the constant monitoring puppies require. This leaves you time to do you what ever you need to get done. They can be left alone for longer period of time then a puppy without getting bored and finding something to occupy their time.

5. They settle in quickly

     Older dogs have been around the block and already learned what it takes to get along with others and become pack of the family. They will pick up on your routine in no time at all so you can start doing fun thing with your new best friend. They will become part for your family in no time.

6. Fewer messes

     Your floors, shoes and furniture will thank you for adopting a older pouch!! Older dogs are likely to already be housetrained and even if they are not they have the physical and mental abilities to pick it up faster and settle into your routine in no time. With their teething years behind them older dogs are much less likely to be destructive chews.

7. You won't bite off more than you can chew

     You will be getting a dog that you can see what you are getting into. You'll know what to expect and what you will need for and older dog. You are more likely to find a family member of friend to watch an older dog then a puppy leaving you time for vacations or business that many that longer then expected.

8. They enjoy easy living

     Consider a canine retiree rather then a high-energy young dog who will tun you ragged. Not that older dogs don't require any exercise, they do, but they are not going to need or want to run a marathon every day.

9. Be a hero

     Older dogs are often the last to be adopted. An older dog in not a broken dog. Many older dogs have had a full life as a show dog, agility dog or sporting dog and are now just looking to retire to a loving families couch. You will feel the reward each and every day.

10. They are so cute

     Need we say more!!!!



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